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Seriously Medicinal Soup


      Unfortunately, I got sick this holiday- Sore throat, running nose, and a cough. Terrible! I hate being sick! I have two kids and a practice to run. I cannot be sick! But, yesterday I made a soup with the intention to get well. I put everything I could think of (that I […]

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Bone Broth


Fall is a great season to make a bone broth, or stock. You can make a few different kinds, store them in your freezer, and use them throughout the winter. Traditional cultures have been using broths for ages, to add both flavor and nutrition to their dishes all winter long. For our ancestors, using every […]

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Chai Tea Latte~ The Best Winter Beverage!


It’s spicy and warming and perfect for these cold months that are about to ensue. Plus, you actually feel like you’re doing yourself a favour by drinking it! I’m talking about Chai Tea! It’s basically the tea of your choice mixed with some wonderful herbs that improve digestion and reduce inflammation in the body.

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7 Ways to Stay Healthy This Flu Season


Let’s face it — getting sick is a real drag! My 9 month old son was recently sick for the first time, and it made me think about illness in a whole new way. Seeing him in such a vulnerable position made me objectively see just how awful it looks to be really sick! And it made me think — what are the MUST HAVE immune boosters everyone should store in your medicine cabinet during flu season?

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Fertility & Acupuncture


I specialize in women’s health and helping couples grow their family. My work helps improve egg and sperm quality, balance hormones, increase circulation to the uterus, and helps ease stress during this time. Acupuncture is a recognized method women choose to help with natural conception, IVF, and IUI. If you have spent months or years trying […]

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Probiotics are foods and supplements that are full of billions of ‘good’ bacteria for your gut health. Since we literally have pounds of bacteria living inside of us, and they help us digest our food- it’s important to constantly inoculate our intestines them. Probiotics help us breakdown our food, making nutrients more absorbable by our mucosal lining of the gut.

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Sea Salt: Colored is Best


We consume salt everyday. It’s essential to life, and our bodies need a constant supply of it. Most salt that people use is of very poor quality and is certainly not the best representation of all that salt has to offer. Instead of being wary of using salt, like many health claims say we should be, I think we have more to gain by beginning to use quality salt in a way that contributes to our health.

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