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Fertility & Acupuncture

I specialize in women’s health and helping couples grow their family. My work helps improve egg and sperm quality, balance hormones, increase circulation to the uterus, and helps ease stress during this time. Acupuncture is a recognized method women choose to help with natural conception, IVF, and IUI.

If you have spent months or years trying to conceive unsuccessfully, I understand the frustration that can accumulate over time. My goal is to use natural methods to help you have a healthy, happy baby!


Ancient medicine

Chinese Medicine has enhanced fertility for thousands of years and this is what I’ve spent years helping couples achieve. Acupuncture balances the flow of energy in the body. When we are balanced, our bodies function optimally and our reproductive organs are functional. When we’re not in balance, we experience symptoms. Infertility is just one symptom that shows up when we are not in balance. Acupuncture aims to correct imbalances and therefore eliminate symptoms. Research studies show that acupuncture helps increase conception rates.

IVF, IUI, and more…

In April 2002, the reproductive journal Fertility and Sterility, published a study showing the benefits of using acupuncture along with an IVF cycle. In this study, it was found that adding acupuncture to the traditional IVF treatment protocols substantially increased pregnancy success!

Acupuncture can help with many stages in fertility and pregnancy- from conception to delivery. Studies have shown that acupuncture may help reduce stress (and patients feel this immediately!), turn a breech baby, relieve morning sickness, alleviate back and post-op pain, alleviate post-partum pain and depression, increase live birth rates, help prepare mother and baby for labor and birth, and much more.

Nutrition and Fertility

In 2008, a Harvard Nurses Study found new connections between diet and conception. The study showed that a complex carbohydrate, whole food, and mostly plant-based diet increased fertility six-fold! I find that nutritional counseling is key for my fertility patients to achieve their goals. I can provide a fertility check list, shopping list, and tips on mindful eating to help you improve your health and ability to conceive and carry a child to term.