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Success Stories!

“I had a lot of tightness in my left upper back and some tingling going down my left arm. I had 4 massages to try and get the tightness out of my back but it did not help and actually started to make me sore. A couple girls I workout with have gone to Danielle and said it helped them so I thought “why not I should give it a shot.” Danielle got the tightness out of my back and the tingling went away during my first session of acupuncture. The best part is that 3 days after the acupuncture I felt even better. I still had some weakness in my left hand and that was gone after my second session with Danielle. I could not believe how much Danielle helped me. I highly recommend her and acupuncture for that matter! It truly is amazing!!”    -Nina F.

“I’ve been seeing Meade for the past few years. She has helped me immensely through tough emotional times as well as through chronic migraines. She is a wonder and a true healer. I highly recommend her!” -Dana H.

“Meade has extensive knowledge and conducts herself in a very professional manner. She handles the visit with care and makes me feel at ease with her gentle approach.”  -Elizabeth M.

“I had so much pain when I met with her this year and she has definitely made a great change in my health.”  -Ellie L.

“I had looked for years for a natural health doctor who could help me balance my hormones naturally without prescriptions. I went to our area’s leading natural health doctor for 2 years with no success. My symptoms lessened but never went away. I no longer thought it was possible to balance my hormones naturally. Until I stumbled upon Danielle.

I came to Danielle for acupuncture for chronic shoulder pain from stress. I told her that I thought the pain maybe also tied in with a hormone imbalance and she took it from there. Danielle thought outside the box and encouraged me to look at my diet and do nutritional training. I put my faith in her and listened. At first, I did not believe it was possible to balance my hormones through food, especially since a leading natural health doctor could not help me.

Danielle has taught me how to balance my hormones, life and mood through food. I did not realize how off track I had gone until one month into nutritional training and acupuncture. I began to feel AWESOME again! I had forgotten how great it was to be alive, how much energy you are supposed to have, and what it is like to be truly happy. She showed me how to use whole foods as medicine, and stop following different “healthy diets.” Weight is just falling off, and I am not deprived or hungry.
Others benefits I have seen include:
• My energy is through the roof (no more fatigue)
• Acne Gone
• Ability to control my eating – No more processed food cravings
• Sleep Great
• Body is warmer
• Much Happier
• Feel internal balance
• Able to slow down and focus
• More appreciative
• Heart has opened
• I feel in control of my life and emotions
• PH level in body balanced
• Hair does not get as oily as before
• I am much calmer
And I am happy to report the shoulder pain is gone!
Danielle has changed my life for the better forever. Now it is up to me to stick with it.”   -Christina L.

“Meade is a talented practitioner. She is very clear, calm, and detail oriented with excellent patient rapport.”    -Tanzy B.

“She incorporates nutritional and lifestyle counseling into her treatments, which only adds more benefit to her patients.”  -Ben G.

“She listens subtly, creates a subtle treatment plan, needles subtly, and it works! I had a muffled ear for a week and had tried other treatments. Then I got treated by Meade. She was able to make the muffle go away!”   -Aaron M.