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Welcome Heather Mancini, RN, LAc.!

Meade Danielle Acupuncture & Wellness is pleased to welcome nurse and licensed acupuncturist, Heather Mancini, to the practice.

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Seriously Medicinal Soup

If you’re feeling sick, try this seriously medicinal soup.

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Bone Broth

Fall is a great season to make a bone broth, or stock. You can make a few different kinds, store them in your freezer, and use them throughout the winter. Traditional cultures have been using broths for ages, to add both flavor and nutrition to their dishes all winter long. For our ancestors, using every […]

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Chai Tea Latte~ The Best Winter Beverage!

A well-made chai tea latte is my favorite winter beverage! It’s sweet, spicy and warming.

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7 Ways to Stay Healthy This Flu Season

Let’s face it- getting sick is a real drag! You feel awful and life just isn’t as good. My 9 month old son was recently sick for the first time,

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Fertility & Acupuncture

Acupuncture balances the flow of energy in the body and enhances fertility.

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Probiotics are helpful bacteria that help us breakdown our food. What should you look for when buying a probiotic?

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Sea Salt: Colored is Best

How do you know which salt is best? This article explains what to look for when buying healthy unrefined salt and why it actually IS healthy!

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