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Welcome Heather Mancini, RN, LAc.!

Heather Mancini, RN, L.Ac.

Heather has been a practicing health care provider since 2009 and brings her background of Western medicine to her Eastern practice. She believes in the benefit of both modalities and practices with an integrative approach. Along with being an Acupuncturist, she is a practicing Registered Nurse and has worked with adult, pediatric and even the most fragile of patients in the neonatal ICU. Her interest in practicing under an Eastern model of healthcare came gradually as she experienced the pain of her patients and her own heath struggles. She saw just too many newly born infants with incredible health issues and felt strongly that something needed to be done to prevent these babies and parents from such a heartbreaking beginning at life. Though she wanted to continue her work, she had been having chronic pain and fatigue that would not subside despite many traditional interventions. She was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and decided that she needed to take control of her health. It was through this struggle that she stumbled upon acupuncture somewhat accidently, and began a new take on life. She through regular acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle changes completely changed her wellbeing and no longer fits within the criteria of a Fibromyalgia diagnosis.

Heather was so moved and grateful for the gift of alternative therapies that she decided to get a Master’s in Acupuncture so that she could help other people improve their wellbeing. She did not give up on her own health and encourages her patients to follow the same philosophy. She enjoys treating people with a variety of symptoms and conditions. She is drawn to women’s health, reproductive care and fertility because of her time caring for compromised infants. Acupuncture and nutrition fit beautifully within her original goal of preventive healthcare. She has also treated patients with pain, fatigue, eating disorders, anxiety (generalized and specific), unexplained digestive symptoms and insomnia. Heather enjoys helping people achieve their health goals with a positive and compassionate approach.

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